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User Feedback

We will make it possible for anyone who signs up for our blog to post their opinion, or any concerns or comments within this category. We will review all posts before putting them up live on our website, and any … Continue reading

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Headhunter Rules

Here are the rules we live by when working to bring new employees to HR Directors and other hiring authorities: Don’t waste their time. You don’t have nearly enough to start with. Do everything you can to avoid wasting their … Continue reading

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Interview Tips #1

We will be releasing a set of Interview Tips for Candidates to review. These tips will assist you during the interview process for hiring companies. We have found these to be very useful and provide proven results that candidates have … Continue reading

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Corporate Teamwork

Teamwork involves a ‘Group of people working towards a common goal’. In a team the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each member of the team works toward the common goals along with each other member. How … Continue reading

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