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Let’s go ‘Rambo’ on “Post and Pray”

In an excellent blog post titled Post and Pray: Gone and Hopefully Forgotten, Pinstripe suggests we erase from our minds the idea of merely posting resumes on websites and praying they get filled. But I say we never forget. I … Continue reading

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What’s it all Worth?

  A business coach who often coaches top executives told me this tale: It happens quite often that when I coach top leaders, they end up realizing that while they have indeed achieved all the outward signs of success, they’re … Continue reading

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Love & Work Part II

Who are you? Just a few decades ago people had many sources of identity: Religion, class, nationality, political affiliation, family roots, geographical and cultural origins and more. Today many of these, if not all, have been subsumed by work. When … Continue reading

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Love and Work

The Wellsprings of Life are Love & Work, but in what order? When I got my first professional position, I worked a lot of hours in the name of success. I’d moved for that opportunity, far away from my friends … Continue reading

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