Job Descriptions

Beyond Job Descriptions


Searching for a new employee?

Look beyond the responsibilities and experience listed on your job descriptions. Think about the traits you valued in the employee who previously held the position or of other employees within your firm.

When interviewing potential candidates, have several team members sit in on the interview process to gain a better perspective of just who you want to bring on-board. Think about the person’s personality.

  • Do you feel they might fit within the company environment?
  • How well do they communicate?
  • Do they seem to embrace questions that are asked, or do they become nervous over something they weren’t prepared to answer?
  • Do they present themselves in a professional demeanor?

Some things you just can’t ‘see’ in a resume.

About Professional Recruiter Associates

Professional Recruiter Associates is a firm of executive search consultants working internationally and dedicated to matching the right Employees to our client base. We specialize in finding a candidate for those “hard to fill” positions, where a very limited number of people are capable of doing the job. We take on the responsibility of carefully analyzing not just a resume, but the whole person, in order to determine if a candidate can do the tasks asked for by our client. Our process includes several steps, from initial client contact, to doing our executive search in order to find a potential employee matching the job description, to presenting and placing that candidate within the company. Our executive search consultants fully understand the issues of real business that our clients experience on a daily basis. Our added value is that we know your industry and approach assignments from a clear business perspective.
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