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Critical Techniques for Using Social Media in Your Next Career Move

If you are looking for a new opportunity, or even If you just want to surf around the web for attractive job opportunities, I recommend that you begin with social media channels! – Don’t just seek – become sought after: … Continue reading

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If It’s Worth Doing… Considering Resume Scanners, HR Generalists and the Contemporary Job Market

As an Executive Search Consultant, I spend a lot of time searching through multiple resumes for that one individual who best matches the position. Most professionals are highly skilled at their jobs, but explaining to interested parties, exactly how they … Continue reading

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Let’s go ‘Rambo’ on “Post and Pray”

In an excellent blog post titled Post and Pray: Gone and Hopefully Forgotten, Pinstripe suggests we erase from our minds the idea of merely posting resumes on websites and praying they get filled. But I say we never forget. I … Continue reading

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