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Let’s go ‘Rambo’ on “Post and Pray”

In an excellent blog post titled Post and Pray: Gone and Hopefully Forgotten, Pinstripe suggests we erase from our minds the idea of merely posting resumes on websites and praying they get filled. But I say we never forget. I … Continue reading

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Talent Management

How to Go About Predicting Performance in Talent Management There are problems in using “predictors” of suitability for open positions within a company. Hunter and Hunter (1984) showed that interviewing is one of the worst predictors of future job performance.  … Continue reading

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The main thing to consider to be successful in any part of business is teamwork. No matter where you work, you are going to have to work with a group of people to make a company successful. If you expect … Continue reading

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Job Descriptions

Beyond Job Descriptions   Searching for a new employee? Look beyond the responsibilities and experience listed on your job descriptions. Think about the traits you valued in the employee who previously held the position or of other employees within your … Continue reading

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Resume Tips #2

Thank you for coming back, here is the second portion of our article on Resume Tips. This is the last 3 steps of our 6 step process to making a successful and impressive Resume. The point of a Resume is … Continue reading

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Headhunter Rules

Here are the rules we live by when working to bring new employees to HR Directors and other hiring authorities: Don’t waste their time. You don’t have nearly enough to start with. Do everything you can to avoid wasting their … Continue reading

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